From Broken to Beautiful

We live in a broken world. Healthcare, criminal justice, economics, education, families – all broken. And its’ really not surprising that our systems are broken because we are broken people. Sometimes we aren’t completely or hopelessly broken, but there are broken pieces – broken relationships, broken personal finances, broken dreams.


God specializes in taking the broken and turning it into something beautiful. We see it… fractured marriages being restored, addicts getting clean, people going from rags to riches. Certainly in all those cases there is a human element, but without the power of God, broken things don’t get fixed… the broken does not become beautiful without the miraculous intervention of God.


There is an important human role to be played in the process of God turning something broken into something beautiful. God provides the transforming power, fellow humans are needed to provide the structure, the encouragement and to be the role models.


The bad news: we live in a world characterized by brokenness. The good news: God’s got a great track record of transforming the broken in something beautiful. The other good news: God invites us to join His team.

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