My Announcment

This is the announcement I delivered to the people of Cherry Creek Wesleyan Church on February 19, 2012 –Reid

I am stringing together a group of words that I could not have fathomed doing even a couple of months ago: I have accepted the assignment of project leader and lead pastor of an Urban Church Plant that is being co-sponsored by Cherry Creek Wesleyan Church and the Colorado-Nebraska District of The Wesleyan Church. The project will take place in Aurora and is scheduled to begin in the fall of 2012.

Cherry Creek Wesleyan Church with the help and full support of The Wesleyan Church and the Colorado-Nebraska District will begin a prayerful and thorough search for God’s choice of the next lead pastor of this church. The process of selecting the next pastor will move at a pace that allows everyone in the congregation the opportunity to pray, to hear God’s voice and to express their thoughts about God’s plan for the church and it’s next pastor.

Several years ago CCWC chose to follow God’s clear leading to become “a network of neighborhood churches” by partnering with the District to develop, support and launch new neighborhood churches in the surrounding communities.

  • In March 2009, TreasureField was launched with Marty Reiswig serving as the Church Planting Pastor;
  • In June 2010, Church Planting Pastor Tyler Hettich led the effort to form Church at the Creek;
  • In Summer of 2012, Nate Lamb will initiate the work to start Front Range Church;
  • In Fall of 2012, I will assume the lead responsibility to develop and initiate an Urban Church designed to be a replicate-able prototype ministry of The Wesleyan Church.

As I look back on the past few years, I can see that God has been at work in me, preparing me and giving me a heart for the city. In the past few months God’s call has become unmistakably clear and unavoidable. As hard as it is to leave the familiar and the joy-filled relationships and duties of my 27 satisfying years of serving as pastor of Cherry Creek Wesleyan Church, I am incredibly excited about recklessly following Jesus in this new phase of life and ministry.

I will never be able to adequately express my appreciation for the years that God has allowed me to serve along side of you… some of God’s finest. Over the years, we have prayed, sung, served, studied and laughed together… oh, how we have laughed. Because of you, I know God more completely and am able to follow Him more fearlessly.

My family and I have been shaped by this church and have always felt enriched, strengthened and loved. I am incredibly pleased that this assignment does not take me a great distance from the friends and city I love. It will be in a different way, but we will continue to be on the same team working together to help people connect with God.

I have a clear sense that this announcement today is the logical and inevitable result of the decision we made in 2007 – to invest some of our best in order to follow God’s leading to become a network of neighborhood churches. Because of God’s goodness and faithfulness in the past, I have complete confidence that His presence and power will continue to be at work in us and through us and will make the days ahead unbelievably satisfying and fruitful for all of us.

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1 Response to My Announcment

  1. Linda Bouzek says:

    Reid, WoW! and Congratulations. I’m sure this was not an easy decision for you and your family to make, but I have a feeling that it was decided for you, from someone Greater. I know that you will miss the CCWC family because I know I still do. I just wanted to express my feelings and let you know that you have had a HUGE impact on me personally and my prayers and good wishes will follow you in your new position.

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