Foundation Building


That’s not me in the picture… I look much better than that in a hard hat.

I get asked all the time, “do you have a church, yet?” Let me respond in a couple of ways. No, we do not have a building or a regular Sunday morning worship service. It is our intent to have a place and a regular time of worship, but that is likely several weeks away. But yes, we are the church in Original Aurora. As I meet with pastors and community and organizational leaders to determine the needs and opportunities, I am the church. As I pray and plan and read and consult, I am the church. As I volunteer at the Boys Club, I am doing church. As I search for prayer and financial partners for Mosaic, the church is functioning. As I meet with people in our community and ask them to take a big step in their personal spiritual lives and become a part of our “launch team”, the church is in action.

So, this phase of Mosaic Church of Aurora is foundation building. It’s sort of frustrating not to see much above ground yet, but we all know the importance of a solid foundation.  Please be praying that God will be at work in and through us as we build the infrastructure for a great church.

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1 Response to Foundation Building

  1. Linda Bouzek says:

    There are many ways to explain “church”. Church is also “an assembly of people believing in God”; it does NOT have to be a building, at all.

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