Location, Location, Location.

Colfax is the main street that intersects Original Aurora

I strongly believe that God has called me to lead a team that will launch an urban church in Original Aurora. Original Aurora is a 6.5 square mile area with over 100 years of history and with more than it’s share of poverty, crime, despair and brokenness. It will be our “job” to represent the presence of God… to be the hands, feet and voice of Jesus in that neighborhood. Because “presence” is really important we are praying like crazy for God to provide the specific location/building that would serve as the brick and mortar symbol of His presence and that would provide us a place from which ministry can be launched.

In the next few days I will be following up on several leads for buildings. The specific location we choose and the building we pursue is a big deal.  Would you devote just a bit more time to praying that God would clearly lead us to the best possible location and that I won’t mess it up. Pray too, that even in the process of meeting with people and talking about our plans and priorities that God will provide opportunities to do our “job”.

I will let you know how God answers our prayers.

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1 Response to Location, Location, Location.

  1. Linda Bouzek says:

    Praying with you and sending requests for others to pray also.

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