God Is Up To Something.

A few weeks I had expressed my concern that although we were finding incredible God enabled open doors to Mosaic, our church and ministry plant in Original Aurora from community leaders, I wasn’t sure how to connect with the residents of that community. Although we’ll try them all, I’m still not sure if mass media or door to door or direct mail works in that setting.

Then as we were thinking and praying, we had an amazing opportunity dumped into our laps (I believe that God is the Dumper)(not sure if that is proper theological phrasing). On two consecutive Saturdays (October 13 & 20) some of the community partners with whom we have already built strong relationships are planning huge community festivals just steps from where we expect to launch our ministry! On top of that, they have asked us to help out, put up a booth and partner with them to make the festivals a success. I think that I am a pretty big dreamer, but I would not have never imagined that others would do the major planning, organizing and funding of events that will provide us with this exposure and these opportunities (it kind of reminds me of Ephesians 3:20).

Would you please pray with us that God would bless and use us at the We Are Aurora Festival on October 13 and the Fall Fest on October 20? God’s up to something, let’s be up to it with Him.

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1 Response to God Is Up To Something.

  1. Wayne Mueller says:

    Hi Reid,
    I am praying that God will ‘dump’ unusual opportunities upon your ministry efforts this coming Saturday. I think it is a great idea to discover where God is currently at work and then to join Him there.

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