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Over the last few weeks I have had the privilege of traveling around telling people about the ways that God is at work in Aurora, Colorado (thank you pastors: Dascoli, Timmons, Willson, Oaks & Palmer). Just yesterday I think I encountered two more times/ways/places that God is at work in Aurora.

1. My friend Deb Meyer, introduced me to Songmin Kim, we met yesterday. Songmin is a graduate of Denver Seminary, has a heart for local church ministry, seems to precisely match our vision and has some interest in working with me (you know that has to be a “God thing”). I am excited to pursue this relationship to see if God is about to add another key leader to His team at Mosaic Church.

2. Yesterday we found out that the bank that owns the building we’d like to buy, has filed for bankruptcy. Either this building is hopelessly jinxed (what are the odds of bankrupted bank owning a building obtained in a bankruptcy) or God has strategically placed us in a time and place when all involved will be especially eager to make a deal. Please pray that God will continue to clearly lead us and that I don’t mess this up.

Yesterday was a good day… I can’t wait to see what God does today. And by the way, I bet God’s at work in and around your life, too.

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  1. Frederick Ours says:

    Praise the LORD an his mighty mighty works!

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