a web site, a request, a challenge

Mosaic's Web SiteMosaic’s web site is finally up and running! Although we’ll need to add and adjust some info in the coming days, you can jump on at www.MosaicOfAurora.com and get access to the latest info, both Blaine and my blogs and even online giving opportunities. Speaking of giving, I am so grateful and humbled by those of you who have financially contributed to our ministry – you will never know how encouraging it is to know that we have committed partners in ministry spread all over the world. Still speaking of giving, If God would prompt you to make a one-time or ongoing financial gift to Mosaic, please do that. We are gearing up to meet regularly on Sunday mornings and are and will be incurring some related costs. Thanks.

Please continue to pray that God will open all of the right doors at just the right time for us get into a building. Our initial offer to purchase a building (the one we’ve been talking about) has been turned down. Since the bank who owns the property is in transition, it may be a a few weeks before we know how to proceed. Please pray with us… we need to have some degree of certainty of God’s best plan for us as we continue to investigate all opportunities and take the next steps.

One more thing… I don’t often “wish” people a Merry Christmas (I don’t know that my wish for you accomplishes anything)(maybe that’s why I have been occasionally called a “scrooge” by some sadly misinformed people). But let me encourage you to make this a great Christmas season for you and those around you by focusing on the real meaning of the event: that God loves us so much that He sent His son to live among us, to be our example and to be our Savior. I’m praying that you will trust in Him alone for all your needs and that you will spread the word of His love and goodness to a world that desperately needs that good news.

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