Its a Big Deal

imgresWe will be celebrating Easter in about 6 weeks. Easter is a big deal for Christians… it explains and motivates everything we do. Jesus’ sacrificial death and triumphant resurrection is the essence of our faith.

I can’t wait to celebrate Easter with Mosaic Church of Aurora. It will be an incredible time of celebrating God’s love and power. We are also at work praying and planning to strategically leverage the celebration and message of Easter to impact our neighbors in Original Aurora. We will be making a major effort to invite our community to hear about and to experience the message of Easter.  We are working on advertising, programing, children’s ministries, hospitality, music, follow up… all the pieces that will give God the chance to do something pretty amazing.

We will be working hard the next few weeks and could use some help. Would you please remember to pray for us and our neighbors in Original Aurora during these critical six weeks? Our Easter plans are going to cost us some money, would you also consider a special financial gift to Mosaic that will enable us to partner with God as He continues His miraculous work of transforming the broken into something incredibly beautiful.

You can get the latest info and give to Mosaic through our website, by clicking on the “How to Help” tab.


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