Amazed by God


I am constantly amazed at God’s goodness and blessings. Here are a couple of recent examples of ways that God has encouraged me as He blessed Mosaic Church.

A few weeks ago a member of our core group admitted to me that he had felt a call to ministry several years ago, but had not fully understood or completely followed up on that call. His connection with Mosaic is helping to clarify God’s gifting and call and he/we are excited about the ways that God is leading and using him. LESSON: God hears our prayers and provides laborers for the harvest.

Last week Mosaic received a significant financial donation to help us with our Easter plans and some other ministry priorities. LESSON: God hears our prayers and provides for our needs.

I am a bit embarrassed at my surprise and amazement when God does what He said He’d do. I’ve decided that I am willing to be a bit embarrassed (this time, anyway) as I celebrate God’s amazing goodness, mercy and grace.

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2 Responses to Amazed by God

  1. Wayne Mueller says:

    It was wonderful to have you at our Winter Retreat last week in Rapid City! I trust it was refershing and informative for you too.

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