Its Time

Pic of 1440 Elmira

1440 Elmira Street

It must have been at least five years ago that I first “stumbled” onto this verse:

The least of you will become a thousand, the smallest a mighty nation. I am the Lord; in its time I will do this swiftly.” (Isaiah 60:22)

I was especially struck by the last line “in its time I will do this swiftly”. That thought was significant to me because it seemed that everything in my life was either stuck or moving very, very, very slowly. “Swiftly” didn’t seem to describe my life and/or ministry… “slowly”, “plodding”, “two steps forward, one step back” were all more accurate descriptions. It was fun to escape reality by speculating about the ways that the Lord could/would do His work through us swiftly. But the phrase “in its time” was haunting. When was “its time”? How would we know when “its time” had come? How do we prepare for “its time”? All important questions with unfortunately illusive answers.

Maybe, just maybe, a piece of “its time” was Tuesday. After years of God refining my calling, after months of searching, waiting and praying about the essence of our new ministry, Mile High Bank approved our offer on the building at 1440 Elmira in Original Aurora on the condition that we do a “swift” (that’s my word, not theirs) closing… in roughly 15 days.

I’m also reminded, that in one of the very first printed pieces explaining the concept of Mosaic Church of Aurora, I titled the flyer “It’s Time”. Hmmm.

I wonder what “its time” for the Lord to do swiftly today.

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2 Responses to Its Time

  1. Jon Barber says:

    God is with you Reid! Thank you for letting me be a part of the process, because it greatly encourages my faith. Joshua 1:9 comes to mind for your ministry. I pray that same heart is in you that was in Joshua and Caleb when they said to the people, let us go at once and take the land, for God has given it into our hands. Despite the walled cities and giants in the land, the field is white for harvest! My prayers are with you!

  2. Keith Hilbert says:

    That is great Reid. I am so happy for you. I had a good feeling about that place when we looked at it. It has great potential. I wish I was there to be a part of it. I pray for you and Blaine and know God will bless this ministry! Keith

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