Cool! Now what?


What an amazing Easter we had at Mosaic Church of Aurora. We hit our attendance goal of 75 (my official actual count was 77), we provided a remarkable event in which Jesus was lifted up and the Holy Spirit’s presence was obvious… it was a good day. I am so grateful to the hard working team at Mosaic that put the pieces together, here locally, and for the hundreds of people across the country that gave and prayed. I’m confident that the success of the day was maximized because we worked together… thanks team (I think I hear angels rejoicing).

Now, there is work to be done: 1) Following up on our Easter guests, especially those who made some important spiritual commitments, is our top immediate priority. 2) The inspection report came back showing a significant asbestos problem in the building we are trying to obtain… sorting through that data and our options is an important and urgent agenda item. 3) Seizing incredible community ministry opportunities (stuff that just doesn’t happen without God’s unbelievable favor) that are staring us in the face. 4) Leading an expanding ministry staff (more about that, later). 5) Being the pastor of a beautiful group of Jesus followers.

Please continue to pray!

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