Disoriented… again


It was kind of cool. I did one of those classic double-takes as I walked out of Congressman Mike Coffman’s Aurora office the other day. Out of the corner on my eye I saw prominently displayed an award that we had given him at Cherry Creek Wesleyan Church 18 months ago. As part of our  “Neighborhood Heroes” series (the idea I blatantly stole from my son, Tyler), we were surprised and pleased that our U.S. Congressman would come to our local church. We thanked him for his service to our community, prayed for him (and other local community leaders) and gave him the award.

Now it may be that he just had an empty space on his shelf that needed to be filled, or it could be that he had an empty space in his spirit that needed to be filled by a group of Christians that believed in the Biblical principle of encouragement. I’m choosing to believe option #2. I’m also choosing to remember that people need to be noticed and encouraged… that is true of congressmen and people living on the street. It’s a little thing – it’s a big thing.

Seeing that award also reminded me of the compelling, yet somewhat unconventional way that God is leading and using our ministry. I’m sometimes disoriented (OK, often disoriented) by the opportunities that God is providing to minister to community leaders and the homeless; to the movers and shakers and the practically invisible and overlooked. Please continue to pray for us as we plunge into this ministry of hope, reconciliation and encouragement.



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