God at Work

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God’s at work again… putting some pieces together.

Piece #1: I’ve written before about the ways that God has granted us favor and has opened doors for ministry in our school district… I am continuing to have unprecedented opportunities in local schools and throughout the district.

Piece #2 & #3: God has brought into our ministry group two incredibly gifted educators/leaders that have a passion to impact kids in our neighborhood in ways that will help them succeed in this life and to spend eternity with God in the next life.

Piece #4: Recently I have “stumbled upon” a couple of well established facts. First, kids that are not proficient in reading in 3rd grade are far less likely to graduate from High School. Second, kids that don’t graduate from High School are far more likely to go to prison. It didn’t even take the inspiration of the Holy Spirit for me to understand that one of the very best ways that we could make a long-term positive impact on our community is by helping kids learn to read proficiently by third grade. Working with those kids will also give us a ton of easy chances to lift up Jesus to them, their families and our community.

I kind of feel like I have a front row seat, watching the Master Artist putting apparently random and somewhat broken pieces together into a beautiful piece of art.

Please pray for us.

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1 Response to God at Work

  1. Jon Barber says:

    You are doing assume ministry work Reid. Impacting the kingdom and the future of the kingdom. You are an obedient man of God. We are praying for your ministry and that the Lord of the harvest provides sufficient labors for the work of the ministry. Have a blessed week! Jon Barber

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