It was one of those moments

multilingual-websites-tig-global-blogIt was one of those moments. A powerful moment when God and man partner together in just the way God has always intended. A defining moment in which God gave us a glimpse into what He wants to accomplish through Mosaic Church of Aurora.

Songmin Kim joined Mosaic’s staff just a few weeks ago. Songmin was born in Korea, English is his second language. Although Songmin’s English is good, there are moments when he and I miscommunicate and it takes extra time and concentrated effort to make sure that both of us fully understand. So, a couple of weeks ago as Songmin and his family arrived at our worship service, he noticed a neighbor across the parking lot  mowing his lawn. Songmin told me he was going to go and talk to the neighbor… I thought to myself “good luck with that”. A few minutes later Songmin returned along with Jose and his three kids, ready for church. Quickly, it was apparent that Jose spoke very little English and absolutely no Korean. It was amazing (and a bit entertaining) to see Songmin introduce Jose to his friends and family. As I watched, I realized that one of the “friends” that Songmin was introducing Jose to… was Jesus.

I don’t know what effect sitting in on a mostly English language worship service with his new Korean speaking friend had on Jose. But God showed me something pretty special… that He is at work in people’s lives all around us and that when we follow His prompts, some pretty amazing things happen. In that moment, God showed me that what appear to me to be barriers are actually opportunities for God’s power and goodness to be clearly displayed. God reminded me to simply follow Him and He will make me a fisher of men.

Please, pray for us.

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2 Responses to It was one of those moments

  1. Keith Hilbert says:

    That is awesome Reid! God is good!!

    • reidhettich says:

      God is at work! How are things going for you guys?

      We wish you were back here and a part of the action.


      On Fri, May 24, 2013 at 10:21 PM, reidhettich

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