a couple of weeks ago


Songmin & the kids

It was just a couple of weeks ago that we were expressing concern that we still hadn’t found consistent ways of really engaging the people who live in the Original Aurora neighborhood. Wow, what a difference a couple of weeks makes! On May 28th we began hosting two sites for Aurora’s Summer Food Program (a collaborative effort to provide free lunches for kids in the most poverty stricken sections of town) and we have hundreds of people coming to us every day. Almost all of these folks live right in the neighborhood and walk to our sites.

The program is perfect for us because others in our collaborative provide the food, the money and much of the structure… we have been simply asked to help out with some of logistics and to interact with the people. Our plan is to develop relationships with these families so that they begin to trust us and give us an opportunity to help them put their trust in Jesus. It has been fun to see how quickly some of those relationships are developing – it’s fun to see God at work.

Please pray for us.

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1 Response to a couple of weeks ago

  1. kerrykind says:

    Great news! Every breakthrough adds up.

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