Skinned Elbows


The kid that I was playing catch with threw the football a bit off target… racing to get to the ball’s destination, I glanced at my path just soon enough to see and attempt to jump the two foot tall concrete barrier. The picture in my mind was that I would gracefully leap over the barrier and catch the football much to the delight and amazement of the crowd of 150 or so gathered for our Summer Lunch Program. That didn’t happen. Apparently, my “graceful” leap didn’t quite clear the barrier (some unsophisticated watchers would use the word “tripped”). The end result: skinned elbow, bump on my head, sore shoulder, in-completed pass, badly bruised ego.

The moral of my story: Life very often doesn’t happen the way we script it in our heads. I am so pleased that the launching of Mosaic Church of Aurora has been so remarkably pain free, so filled with blessings. It has been so amazing to hear and see the support of so many friends from around the world. It has been humbling to have the clear sense of God’s presence and favor. But, I understand that in my life and in yours, there will be some skinned elbows and bruised egos. It’s in the knowing that we are all in this together and that God’s gracious hand is on us that we continue to jump (or at least attempt to jump) barriers, love people, speak the truth & feed kids… to be the hands, feet and voice of Jesus.

Keep on jumping… keep on praying.

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1 Response to Skinned Elbows

  1. Mary says:

    Reid, thank you so much for all the love and care you put into our Colfax Kids. Let me know if you need band aids.

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