a birthday party… Mosaic style

birthday-candles-2Some really interesting things happen when you are serious about being  the hands and feet and voice of Jesus.

Mosaic hasn’t been as successful as we’d like to be at getting some of our new friends and neighbors to come to our worship services in the local school. So for a couple of weeks we decided to take our worship service to those who might need it the most, to a public park where people hang out – it seemed like a thing that Jesus would do. Jesus often just “happened” to be in the places where the people who really needed Him were: the places that the poor, the lepers, the prostitutes hung out.

We’ve been excited to see an eclectic group of people wander in and out of our time of worship. After our official service on August 11th, we had lunch together and celebrated the birthday of one of our kids. One of our first-time guests, Richard a homeless man, spoke up and said it was his birthday, too. Now, I’m not completely sure if it was in fact his birthday or if he just liked the idea of having a birthday party. That fact didn’t seem overly important to us so we sang, ate cake and celebrated his birthday – it seemed to us to be the kind of thing that Jesus would have done (it almost sounds like a Bible story, doesn’t it… “remember that time when Jesus was teaching the crowd and then they had a birthday party for the homeless guy“).

I love being a part of a church that takes it’s worship service to the people sometimes, instead of always telling the people to come to them. It’s great to be a part of a church that finds it totally natural to have a birthday party for a homeless guy. I am blessed to be a part of a church that is serious about being the hands and feet and voice of Jesus in our community.

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