The Conundrum


Have you ever noticed that just about all opportunities come with corresponding challenges? It even seems to me that the bigger the opportunity, the bigger the challenge.

The opportunity/challenge conundrum is certainly true in my life and ministry at Mosaic Church of Aurora these days. OPPORTUNITY #1: Pastor Myint Maung (a native of Burma or Myanmar) has arrived in town to begin working with us to establish an ongoing congregation/ministry to the Burmese in our community. CHALLENGE: Finding the time and energy to form the relationships, to seek and clearly hear God’s voice and to develop the best strategy to build this portion of God’s Kingdom. OPPORTUNITY #2: We are so thrilled with the building that God has given us and the countless ministry possibilities that it provides. CHALLENGE: Finding the right rhythm and pace as we work with architects, partners and city officials to design, renovate and fund the building. OPPORTUNITY #3: Just after we acquired our new building, the building next to it (a 4000 sq ft day care center) has been listed for sale. The building seems to be a perfect fit and compliment to our building and to our mission and goals. CHALLENGE: $$. The building would likely cost us about $400,000 in order for us to offering child care and related ministries in our neighborhood.

Please pray for us at Mosaic. I don’t want to miss any God given opportunities… but I also don’t want to be chasing mirages. Would you also please pray about some of our special and ongoing financial challenges – this is a moment in time when our resources are really getting stretched thin. And of course, as you pray, if God would suggest you getting a bit more involved in some of His answers to the prayers… give me a call.

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