This is going to be fun!

my new jacket

my new jacket

Songmin Kim, Mosaic’s Korean Language pastor likes to point out the frequency that I use the word “fun”. O.K. I’ll admit it, I’m a fun junkie – I like to have fun… I like to discover and savor the fun in all kinds of situations… I like to anticipate fun.

It was fun for me to be in the apartment of Myint Maung and Joseph Bennett on Wednesday. Myint and Joseph just moved to Aurora to help us minister to Burmese immigrants and refugees that live right here in our neighborhood. Within minutes of stepping into their very simple and mostly empty apartment they presented me with a gift (how much fun is that?), a colorful jacket (the picture does not adequately capture its essence) that is traditionally worn by a Burmese pastor (by the way, I didn’t miss the irony of getting a coat of many colors from a guy named Joseph). I’ll be wearing the jacket on Sunday as we launch our Burmese ministry with cultural music, food and prayer. That’s going to be fun!

God continues to bless Mosaic with opportunities to make a difference in our community. We are working hard (but at a frustratingly slow pace) on getting our building ready for full usage. We finally have all of our current  pastor/leaders of ethnic congregations on the ground and ready to go: Jimmy Jimenez, Songmin Kim, Myint Maung & Joseph Bennett. Pastor Blaine Derck continues to lead the effort to get all of us involved in community outreach ministries that are so important to hundreds of people in our stressed urban neighborhood. It’s big-time fun for me to be a part of this great team that God has assembled.

Please pray for us. There are all sorts of ways for me to mess this up. Pray that we’ll be able to raise the money needed to remodel our building. Pray for us as we partner with God to be His answer to the desperate cries for help from the people of Original Aurora.

Being on the front lines as God works is going to be fun!

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