right around the corner

ImageIt has been interesting to watch God give a small start-up church global ministry opportunities. There are just a few of us at Mosaic Church of Aurora, but right now Pastor Jimmy Jimenez is in Puerto Rico with family but taking advantage of opportunities to preach the gospel. Pastor Myint Maung is in Thailand spreading the gospel to Burmese refugees. Pastor Songmin KIm spent a few weeks this summer ministering in Korea. Pastor Blaine Derck is in Minneapolis right now learning how to better meet the needs of people from around the world that now live in our neighborhood. In September, I even got to spend a week talking with pastors in Kansas (I get it… Kansas is not officially a foreign country, but it is a part of “global”).

Locally, we continue to have amazing opportunities to connect with, minister to and serve as community leaders. We have regular opportunities to be the voice of Jesus to powerful decision makers, but part of that “moral authority” has come from knowing and serving some of the most vulnerable people in our community. It’s fascinating to see how being the hands and feet of Jesus in our neighborhood gives us a credible voice in almost every other segment of the community. Its also been fun to see neighbors come to Mosaic’s worship services and make or renew commitments to being followers of Jesus… that never gets old.

Keep on praying for us!

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1 Response to right around the corner

  1. Jewell Fiskness says:

    So exciting to get updates and so encouraging to learn how the Lord is using you! Thanks for your heart and willingness to serve! We are proud of you. Jewell

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