Christmas “Mosaic Style”


A few minutes before our 12/22 Christmas Celebration

On December 22nd, we celebrated Christmas “Mosaic Style”. Although we are still fully defining “mosaic style”, for me it is becoming to mean: not like ever before.

Never before have we run out of chairs in our worship service. There have been a few times when we’ve set up more chairs or when there wasn’t five chairs in a row when a family of five showed up… but Sunday, we ran out of chairs. Even with the 61 chairs that Crossroads Church (Imperial, NE) generously donated to us and we set up all of our ours, we ran out. Our best guesstimates are that we had 147 people join us for our Christmas celebration – about 25 of them stood.

Never before have I celebrated Christmas with such a diverse group of friends and neighbors. About a third of the way through our service we scrambled to do full spanish translation (I knew something was wrong when a large group of our congregation wasn’t laughing at my jokes… no, it was because of the language barrier). We really were a multi ethnic, economically diverse group celebrating God’s incredible love and goodness that He showed to us so dramatically on that first Christmas.

Never before have I been so aware of all the people who have invested in my life and this ministry in order for that day to take place. Dozens of our members have been working for months, hundreds of people around the world have made financial contributions, thousands of people are praying. In the last couple of days we’ve noted that there were “clouds of witnesses” from heaven (Hebrews 12:1) cheering us on as we celebrated. And one more group that was involved – millions of angels did some rejoicing, too.  

That, my friends, is celebrating Christmas “mosaic style”!

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1 Response to Christmas “Mosaic Style”

  1. keith says:

    That is awesome! God Bless!

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