Whiz Kids


Living in the grips of generational poverty is a hard and ugly life – not the life that God intended. A quality education is essential in stopping the cycle of poverty.

We need to find ways of breaking the cycle of poverty – right now, 93% of the kids in Original Aurora are on the free or reduced lunch program. Our community needs help in providing a great education for all its children… 70% of fourth graders read at a less than proficient level, less than half of 9th graders graduate from school four years later. 

We can sit around and try to assign blame for the the way things are or we can roll up our sleeves and do what we can to effect real change. At Mosaic we are choosing to jump in and help as many kids as we can by joining a mentoring/tutoring program called Whiz Kids… just last week I was matched with Carlos. I am eager to pray for him daily and meet with him weekly and to watch him become more and more of the young man that God created him to be. 

At Mosaic, we are leading the movement in our community to recruit more mentors and tutors for “our” kids. There are lots of reasons and excuses for the way things are – there are also a few proven solutions. There may be time for finger pointing someday, but right now our hands are a little too busy for that.

Please pray for us.   

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2 Responses to Whiz Kids

  1. keith says:

    I am praying for you and Blaine! I pray that you make a huge difference in the lives of all those around you! Keith

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