It’s about to get dusty

Mosaic's Exterior Renovation Plan

Mosaic’s Exterior Renovation Plan

It’s about to get dusty. Last week, I signed the final (or at least the “current final”) documents to complete the deal with the City of Aurora for a block grant and to begin construction on the exterior of our building! Renovation dust should be flying around Mosaic for awhile… about the time that the exterior work is finishing, we will be beginning the work on the interior of the building.

I’m really looking forward to the dust. Dust means movement. I have to admit that in a borderline unhealthy way (some misguided souls may argue with my use of the word “borderline”), I crave movement. I am so eager to see our building being fully utilized in the mission of transforming people from broken to beautiful through the power and presence of Jesus Christ. I’m eager to have the building capacity to aggressively promote and invite people to worship with us, to host community events and to house our tutoring and workforce development programs. It’s going to be dusty for awhile, but I’ll happily accept dust over stagnant air.

Pray for us. Creating dust is expensive… we are still finalizing budget numbers, but we will likely be investing a couple hundred thousand dollars (that we don’t yet fully have in our hands) in these projects. Pray, that I won’t get so distracted by buildings and construction that hurting people are neglected. Pray too, that the hundreds of decisions to be made in this process be 100% in line with God’s plan for Mosaic Church and our neighbors in Original Aurora.

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