It makes me smile. Watching the increasing number of eclectic folks that God is bringing into Mosaic’s worship services is amusing, inspiring, heartwarming and just plain fun. On any given Sunday, we actually embody our often repeated prayer of being a multi-ethnic, economically diverse church. We routinely have the homeless and executives worshipping side by side. Unemployed neighbors hear God’ word next to folks climbing the corporate ladder. Our regular attending congregation includes African-Americans, Latinos, Native Americans, Koreans and Anglos. Joining us are infants and toddlers, teens, adults, grandparents and senior citizens.

It isn’t always easy navigating the cultures, languages and perceptions. But it is fascinating to watch unfold and the pot-luck meals are way more interesting than than I’ve ever experienced before.

I think it makes God smile, too. He created each and every one of us, thoughtfully and intentionally. He made us different and yet very much the same. The Good Friday and Easter message of love, power and hope is for all of us. I don’t think He ever intended for our differences to divide us, I think He meant for our differences to provide us with unique perspectives and gifts that enrich our lives and dramatically serve to advance His Kingdom.

It’s kind of fun to sense that God and I are smiling side by side as we observe His multi-ethnic, economically diverse church that’s emerging in Aurora, Colorado.   

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1 Response to Smiling

  1. Joy Hettich says:

    Yep, we are having fun!
    When I’m in Kid’s church I feel a bit handicapped only speaking English. Then we met Miguel a young man who needs to do community service for his advanced placement classes in middle school. He comes in to help each Sunday and reads the Bible story in Spanish. Miguel normally attends St. Therese Catholic Church so we are even multi-demnominational!!

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