Our community’s greatest need


I remember it clearly… as I was processing the reams of information that I had just gotten from attending a conference, I asked God to once again help me understand Original/Urban Aurora’s greatest need that Mosaic might be able to address. Now, there is no shortage of needs – we are in a community with way more than its share of poverty, crime, addictions, unemployment, under-preforming schools, etc. But, it’s much harder to identify the greatest need and even trickier to match it with something that we are qualified to do something about.

In that moment, it came to me (I’m choosing to believe that it was God bailing me out of my shallow and inside-the-box thinking) that the greatest need in our community was for caring, competent, Spirit-empowered leaders. There are churches and schools and non profits and government agencies doing good work in our community, but we haven’t solved many of our problems. Organizations, initiatives and programs come and go, yet we are where we are. Unless we have caring, competent, Spirit-empowered people leading those good efforts – all the work gets us what we’ve been getting. Leaders, especially caring, competent, Spirit-empowered leaders permanently change lives and communities, not organizations and/or programs.

The Church of Jesus Christ embedded in a community is the best (and maybe, the only) hope for developing caring, competent, Spirit-empowered leaders. This concept is more than a little intimidating, but we are praying and planning that God will give Mosaic Church the chance to lead a community leadership development initiative that would identify, equip and deploy caring, competent, Spirit-empowered leaders into every segment of Original/Urban Aurora… and beyond (did I really just paraphrase Buzz Lightyear?). 

Pray for us.

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