Productive Rubble


Right before our eyes we are seeing God do His work of transforming the broken into something beautiful. While it isn’t nearly as much fun as when it happens in a person’s heart and life, but our building is a very visual example of what God often does much more invisibly. 

In order to make our building safe and useable we are remodeling. Before you can make everything nice and new and clean, the old has to be torn out. As you can see in the picture, we are tearing out the old… with a vengeance. In some ways ripping out the old is a little sad and painful, but also exciting because it is making way for the new and improved (there are all sorts of spiritual life metaphors there that I am choosing to ignore – for right now). It’s also quite a bit of fun being able to productively break things.

Please be praying for us. The remodeling process is messy – literally and figuratively. There are often delays and costs that aren’t anticipated, please pray that we don’t have those experiences. Please pray that God will provide for us financially. We do not have all of the funds in hand that will be needed to finish the project. Pray, too that we don’t settle for just seeing a building going from broken to beautiful, but that we constantly seek the much more important work of the transformation of people’s hearts and lives. 


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1 Response to Productive Rubble

  1. Jon Barber says:

    You are doing a great work and God is well pleased. Our prayers are with you that God will give you favor with those doing the work, the city inspectors and contractors and that God will open the windows of heaven as you minister to those that are most dear to His heart.

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