one gracious blessing after another


Through a great local Christian organization, Save Our Youth, I am mentoring a thirteen year old named Ian. One of the activities that Ian often chooses in our weekly times together is going to a frozen yogurt place where you build your own treat by choosing your yogurt flavor and toppings. Ian creates his treat with gusto. He will often choose three or four yogurt flavors and top them with six or seven toppings that are all piled on top of each other until inevitably they overflow from the largest container the store provides. Ian does not miss out on many flavors at the yogurt shop!

As I read John 1:16 this morning, (“From his abundance we have all received one gracious blessing after another” – NLT), I thought of Ian’s frozen yogurt concoctions. The verse could be translated, “we’ve received grace upon grace”. I visualized God’s incredible blessings and favor that I have received, piled on top of each other until it overflows.

I am so grateful for God’s amazing grace upon grace in my life. My prayer is that I don’t want to miss out on any of the future blessings he has for me and for those around me that might accidentally get spilled on (trust me, I know that spills from overflow happens).

The fact is that Mosaic needs another layer of God’s financial blessing right now. We are at a point when our lack of cash flow will begin to slow construction and cost us more money down the road. Would you please pray with us that God would grant us another gracious blessing so that His work here in Original Aurora would continue to flourish? Would you be open to hearing God’s prompting be a part of that blessing?

Reid Hettich    13950 E Oxford Place B306    Aurora, CO 80014


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