Hearing Voices


I was just telling our group that one of the ways that you know that you are pursuing a God given dream is when God answers prayers that we weren’t even smart enough to pray. I am the leadership development instructor for the Youth Healthcare Academies that we’ve contracted with Arapahoe County to provide. We just heard from one of our recent graduates we helped get enrolled in college. Rachel reported that she got a job on campus and was immediately promoted to a leadership position. In her note she said “I never really thought of myself as a leader, but now I can picture Reid’s voice in my head reminding me that “everyone is a leader”.  I am excited for the new challenge and for the opportunity to become a better employee and student here at college.”

In the class, I repeatedly reminded the students of a message that they hadn’t heard much… that they were valuable and talented. I told then that they needed to fully utilize their talents and abilities, to embrace opportunities to become all that God created them to be. In their lives there had already been lots of voices telling them that they were unwanted and expendable… they seemed so hungry to know that someone valued them, that someone believed in them.

Who would have imagined – who would have been smart enough to ask God for Mosaic’s influence to be echoing in the hearts and minds of students across the country. But that’s what’s happening… God is combining the financial gifts and prayers of hundreds of people around the country and our efforts here in Aurora, CO to speak to people around the  world.

One more thing. Rachel is enrolled at BYU… Brigham Young University. It amuses me to think that my words are reverberating through the halls of Brigham Young University. Thank you for playing an important role in that little miracle. Thank You, God, for answering prayers we weren’t smart enough to pray.

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