This Sunday at Mosaic


Quincy & Shwanna Hines

I have been saddened by the turmoil in Furguson, Mo. Its sad enough that a young man was killed, but the racial turmoil that it generated (or revealed) is particularly distressing. It is discouraging to see how divided we are. As an intentionally multi ethnic church, this hits really close to home and is a topic that needs to be openly and honestly addressed. As Christians, we are called to be actively and positively engaged in the difficult issues in our society. Ignoring the problems is not an acceptable option. Acting as if this is problem only in Furguson is not being honest.

So… I’ve invited my friend and community activist Quincy Hines to join us at church this Sunday (8/24) for our 10:30am Worship Service at the Vintage Theatre (1468 Dayton Street). We will be having a conversation about the divisions in our country. The conversation will likely be uncomfortable at times, a bit controversial, but incredibly compelling, important and hopefully healing. Invite your friends to be a part of this… its a Sunday we’ll be talking about for a long time.


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1 Response to This Sunday at Mosaic

  1. Susan says:

    I wish I could attend! Good for you for engaging the community in this discussion!

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