A Good Sunday


October 26th was a good Sunday at Mosaic Church of Aurora. It was one of those Sundays when most everyone showed up for church. We didn’t have a special promotion, it wasn’t a holiday, people just showed up on the same day. For a church plant the difference between having 50 people attend and to have almost a 100 is dramatic… its a good day.

Pastor Carlos Calandreli (an answer to prayer by itself that I’ll tell you about at a later date) invited a couple of families to church. As a pastor I have come to believe that there are few things more significant in the life of the church then to have members bringing guests to church. Bringing a friend to church shows that God has done something remarkable enough in you through the church that you’d go out of your comfort zone to urge someone else to come and let God impact them. Something is working very right when people bring someone to church with them. I love watching the “prodigal father” nervous energy as the inviter paces and watches at the front door, and the big smiles as they introduce their guests to their church friends.

Our time of worship was amazing, people were singing from the heart, there was clapping, hands were raised. I didn’t preach (some would point to that fact as the reason for the good day… they are wrong). It was one of those Sunday’s when I interviewed a congregation member so that we can all see how God works in real people. Victor Armenta’s story of guns, drug cartels, second chances and God’s amazing grace was incredible. It was a good Sunday.

Twice a month we have a meal together after the worship service. Until our building is ready we are doing picnics in the park near our meeting place. I was a bit concerned about having picnic weather in late October, but the weather was great. It was so much fun hearing conversations in Korean and Spanish and English and then conversations among Korean and Spanish and English speakers. There was laughter, good food, lots of smiles. Among the group of people that came to check out what we were doing (and to get some food) was a reporter for the Wall Street Journal in town to do an article about the changing and diverse  demographics of our community and the impact that will have on the upcoming elections. She was surprised but thrilled to find a group of Latinos, Koreans, African Americans and Anglos eating and laughing together. It was an odd but encouraging experience to have our ministry attract the attention of and have the validation from a Wall Street Journal reporter (I’ll let you know if/when Mosaic Church is featured in the WSJ). It was a good Sunday.

I will admit that the slow progress on our building due to lack of finances has me more than a little nervous (I use the term “nervous” because “stressed” or “worried” seems less appropriate for a veteran pastor)(I use the term “veteran” pastor because “old” disrupts my somewhat comfortable state of denial). Now where was I? …. It’s hard work leading a dedicated group of people in the planting a church – to be the feet, hands and voice of Jesus in a challenging urban neighborhood. But a good Sunday now and then makes all the difference in the world. Thank you for your part, your prayer and financial support… it matters, it makes good Sundays happen.


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