Post Thanksgiving, thanksgiving


Completed Exterior Work

I tend to focus way too much on the things that I don’t have and  far too little on the blessings that God has given me. And although I know that I’m a bit late… here is my list of things I am thankful for:

I am thankful for my family. There is nothing more life-giving than to spend time with  my strange and delightful family: Joy, Seth, Tina, Alisa, Tyler, Trenton, Tytus & Riley (I am not allowed to give you their individual scores on the “strange – delightful” scale).

I am thankful for the amazingly generous people from all over the country who contributed over $50,000 to Mosaic’s building project during the critical month of November! That means that we “only” need $45,000 more in December to complete the project in January.


Interior Work Progressing

I am thankful to be a part of the Mosaic Church family. What an  incredibly gifted, passionate, grateful, qwerky, creative bunch of friends that have stuck together during this long transition period and continue to inspire me to be all that God created me to be.

I am grateful for the progress that we’ve made on our building renovation project. We have a ways to go yet, but we have interior walls framed, rough plumbing in, HVAC units in place and electrical work in progress.


Yes, that is a building permit!

I am thankful for the life-changing presence and power of Jesus Christ in my life and in lives of the people around me. What an awesome privilege it is to watch the broken become beautiful.

I am thankful for the new (and sometimes overwhelming) opportunities for ministry that God is bringing to us.

Please pray for us. Please pray that God will provide the remaining finances that we need to complete the building… we really, really need to get that done. I fear that we are loosing opportunities to impact people’s lives for all of eternity because we can’t fully do the ministry to which we’ve been called.


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