light at the end of the tunnel

tun2I knew that there would be delays and frustrations when we choose to pay for the Mosaic Church building remodel with cash rather than take out additional loans. We really believe that  the monthly mortgage payments would have threatened our long term sustainability strategy. But I have to admit this project has taken longer and been a bit more frustrating that I anticipated – the “six-week project” began in July. That’s why seeing some light at the end of the tunnel is pretty exciting!

In our construction meeting yesterday, we talked about early February as a realistic move in date! Although I’m ready to begin moving today, the first part of February gives us light at the end of the tunnel. That means that February would be the time when our most vulnerable neighbors would be able to access free healthcare from our partners right in our building! February would be the date when we could aggressively invite our community to come and worship with us in our building! It would be in February that we could launch our discipleship program that begins with an ALPHA class. It would be so long overdue but to begin holding a worship service in Spanish and to move our Friday evening prayer time to our own building, would finally happen in February. If plans come together, it would be in February, in our building, we could begin helping our neighbors resolve some of their immigration issues. I am so eager to stop paying rent for our temporary Sunday AM worship space and for our storage unit… February. I can’t wait until FEBRUARY!

But, there is one “little” thing. In order to make February, FEBRUARY. We need $50,000 to finish this project and pay all of our contractors. We have raised and invested about $175,000 so far and are really close to getting this done… but not quite. Would you please pray and consider helping us get to FEBRUARY? I know that many of you have given sacrificially already, but if God prompts you, please consider helping again. You can give online at or you can mail checks to me at: Reid Hettich 1797 Geneva Street Aurora, CO 80010 (please note my new address).


Oh, by the way, I will be sending out invitations to some pretty incredible celebrations in FEBRUARY… watch for that.


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