little things

I’m trying to remind myself to notice and savor little things. I have to admit that too often in my busyness I walk blindly past little things.

As the renovation of our building, the “Opportunity Center” has unfolded, it has been fun to notice little things. Several people question my sanity when I take and gleefully posted a picture of an installed toilet. Yesterday, I found myself sitting on the new carpet, just savoring the moment. I really like the new door handles, the color of the paint, the ledges around the windows.

I have some understanding of the way little things represent the potential of big things. I know that on that carpet, by those walls, doors and windows, God will use us to change lives. In that building, we will give opportunities for people to become all that God created them to be. That’s a big thing.

This weekend we begin moving into that building at 1445 Dayton Street. Its a little thing but important to note, that God will not be moving in… He’s already there, already at work. We won’t be all settled in, but we will have our 10:30am Worship Service there this week! That’s a big deal to us. In the coming weeks we will have parties and celebrations and dedications and open houses – big events. But the real big thing that will be happening will be the mostly invisible things taking place in the hearts and lives of all of us as we seize the opportunity to take the next step in God’s plan for the broken to become beautiful in and through us.

There is still lots to be done in the next few weeks… bills to be paid, funds to raise, events to coordinate, ministries to launch. Please keep on praying for us.


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