a good month

Mosaic Pastroal Staff

Mosaic’s Pastors: Blaine Derck, Carlos Calandreli, Reid Hettich & Songmin Kim on Sunday, March 8, 2015

This has been a good month for Mosaic Church and hopefully for our community and for the Kingdom of God.

One March 8th, we had our first worship service in our newly renovated building that we’ve named the Dayton Street Opportunity Center. What an amazing moment it was to sing, pray, laugh and learn together in the place that God has provided. The longer than anticipated timeline and the harder than expected process made the moment even sweeter.

On March 15th, Pastor Carlos Calandreli led our first Spanish language worship service at Mosaic. From the very beginning we understood that to really reach our community, we’d need to communicate in Spanish. We’ve been praying and praying and God has been answering. I attended the service, understood only a few of the words spoken/sung, but clearly understood that our God answers prayer and is at work in a powerful way.

On April 5th, Pastor Songmin Kim will officially launch Juwon Mosaic Church. Juwon has been meeting with us for a few months and while their launch will not really change anything they do or our relationship, it is the way that they formally introduce themselves to the larger Korean community.

It’s been a good month. Thanks for praying for us and for your financial support – we could not be where we are without all the prayers and all the dollars. Please continue to pray and to give, we are not done yet.


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