if my family could…


Anna Hettich 1899-1994

Its been fun reconnecting with my family history as we’ve launched Mosaic Church. Its striking to me that my grandmother was an immigrant brought to the United States by her parents pursuing the opportunity for a better life. Grandma struggled with the English language, never got much of a formal education, was marginalized as a female in that era. She never achieved much that would typically be considered to be a success. Yet, my grandmother consistently make the choices that established her as the spiritual leader of her extended family Her life and influence has continued to positively impact five generations, so far. I am blessed because of who my grandmother was and the choices that she made.

I am committed to helping other families write positive chapters in their lives, too. There are hundreds of families around us that have all sorts of obstacles and challenges. These families, like my family have incredible determination to make a better life and greatly benefit from opportunities that we sometimes take for granted. It has been so cool to be able to tell people “if my family could, yours can too”.

The one additional piece that we also get to share is that while human determination coupled with opportunity is huge, its not the while deal. We are privileged to communicate the message that “what do you benefit if you gain the whole world but lose your own soul?” (Mark 8:36). The complete message is that if you really want to thrive and succeed as a family seek the forgiveness, peace and hope that comes only from a personal relationship with your Creator.

One of the things that I am clearly learning is that none of us can do this alone. We desperately need your prayer and financial support. Please pray for us. Please give as God prompts you (mosaicofaurora.com/how-to-help/).


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