our only hope

Police-IMG_4105Yesterday I was invited to participate in a meeting with the Aurora Police Department, City Attorneys, community leaders and the family of a man shot and killed by the police. It is another of those potentially explosive situations that have erupted all across our country. The meeting was designed to initiate dialogue so that we could learn and grow and become a better community even in the midst of these tragic and difficult moments.

As the meeting unfolded I found myself troubled, discouraged and hopeful all at once. Troubled because of the intense pain, suffering, anger and distrust of the system from some of our neighbors. Discouraged because the suggested adjustments to the structures and systems that have brought us to this place seems so superficial and totally inadequate. But, hopeful because our God is the solution! In the middle of ugly darkness, our God brings light and hope and healing! While it might be helpful and necessary to change some policies and procedures, the root of the problem is a heart problem… a sin problem. It is so exciting to realize that “side” that we represent offers the real solutions of forgiveness and transformation.

Today, I am even more committed than ever to being the feet, hands and voice of Jesus in our city bringing real solutions to our most difficult situations. Its our only hope.

Please pray for us.

I continue to be concerned about the need focus significantly more of my time toward fundraising. Please pray and give as God prompts you so that I can stay focused on being God’s ambassador in this great place.

Reid Hettich, Pastor
Mosaic Church of Aurora
1445 N Dayton Street
Aurora, CO 80010

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