A Classic Mosaic Moment

With Gummy my Nepali translator

With Gummy my Nepali translator

One of our partners, Shekinah Church does a food distribution ministry out of our building on Saturdays. Whenever I’m in the vicinity they ask me to “preach” just before they hand out the food. Its always a bit awkward because they all speak Spanish and most of the regular clients also speak Spanish… but I preach and they translate. This week as I agreed to preach I noticed a group of Hindu refugees from Nepal. Its not unusual for us to encounter neighbors that we can’t communicate with, so I assumed that sadly they’d miss out on my amazing “words of wisdom”.  But then it happened, a Spanish speaking lady somehow convinced a Nepali woman who spoke a little English to agree to translate.   

So I talked about Jesus. Ernesto translated my words into Spanish and Gummy translated into Nepali (at least I think she did). I forced myself to focus, because I found my marveling (yes marveling) at the unlikeness of the moment: an English speaking preacher telling Hindus from Nepal about Jesus at a Hispanic Church ministry on a normal Saturday afternoon in Aurora, Colorado. It was a classic Mosaic moment.

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