sometimes, I’m not very deep


OK I’ll admit it, I’m not very deep. But last week I considered it high praise when I overheard “Marcus” a homeless guy who has been attending our worship services talk to a friend about my sermons… He said, “Its the only church I’ve ever been to where they’ll make you laugh every week”.

I know a bit about Marcus’ life: addictions, homelessness, ruined relationships, incarceration, lots of terrible decisions… not really a laughing matter. Marcus’ life is a mess. He has a hard, bleak existence. I’m guessing that Marcus and many of his friends and family are a bit laughter deprived. It’s great to see God at work in his life, but it will be a long, difficult journey as we work together to change some of his long time patterns and overcome some of the consequences of a host of really bad choices. 

We live in a world filled with serious problems. I am surrounded by friends and neighbors that are weighed down with incredible burdens, who’s lives are filled with tears. It’s interesting that when you start paying attention you see that the Bible talks about joy and laughter a lot. So, maybe there are a bunch of other comments (or compliments) that I should be striving for, but I have to admit it, I am really, really happy to be a part of a church that makes the homeless laugh. I think it brings a smile to the face of God.





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