a 7-11 parking lot

Lovettsville 7-Eleven (1)

I have known “Evie” for a few months. She drifts in and out… sometimes she’s at Mosaic’s worship service, sometimes we don’t she her for weeks. Evie often talks about her battles with alcohol which leads to unemployment, homelessness and some other really ugly situations. 

Evie called me the other day and asked to meet. We met at a 7-11 close to where she was currently staying. I soon as I got there she began pouring out some of her recent troubles and expressed her desire to make a fresh start and get her life together. I tried to encourage her, reminding her that God cared about her, that she needed to be regularly connected at church. I assured Evie that making the right choices eventually leads to good things. Then she asked me to pray for her.

I glanced around… a bit uncomfortable in those surroundings, but Evie didn’t seem to even notice. So I prayed, Evie cried, God showed up. It was an odd setting. We were standing in the parking lot of the 7-1, not a new shiny, cool looking one… this one fit the neighborhood it was old, dirty, gritty. It occurred to me that this exact place was likely used for drug deals, crime, robbery – but that day it was God’s office. The God of fresh starts did some business in that parking lot (I suppose it could have been the muffled sound of the slurpee machine, but I think I heard the angels rejoicing). I don’t know how many fresh starts that Evie’s had, but I don’t think that God does either – that number is buried in the sea of His forgetfulness. I am so pleased to know that He is always ready to forgive, because its my guess that Evie will need that grace and mercy again (and so will I). I am so pleased to know that our God is present and active in beautiful sanctuaries, in majestic natural settings and in old grundgy 7-11 parking lots.

Please pray for us (and Evie).


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  1. Praying for you please pray for us

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