So, I will be traveling

God does work iUnknownn mysterious ways.

I have intentionally developed relationships with immigrant and refugee pastors in our community. These pastors usually serve without pay and very little training. I have tried to offer them support and encouragement and have talked some about finding ways of providing more training for them. As I’ve prayed about finding better ways to support, encourage and train pastors, I’ve envisioned that taking place right here… in our building. It looks like God may have answered my prayer, but in a way that I didn’t anticipate (I have got to learn to be much more specific when I pray). The other day I was invited to come to Myanmar (the country formerly known as Burma) in September to train pastors in Theology and Preaching. The idea is that if those dedicated men and women who are sacrificially serving could do it with a bit more skill and knowledge the Kingdom of God would be greatly benefitted.

Another “coincidence”. I have gotten to know Moses pretty well, he is the pastor of a Burmese Church just a few blocks from us. As we have gotten to know each other he has told me about James, his brother who is doing ministry in Myanmar. James leads a small church and orphanage. The church he had been connected with does not believe that Jesus is equal with God the Father… kind of a big deal in Christianity. James informed me the other day that after talking to his brother about me and Mosaic, he has changed the name of his church to Mosaic Church of Myanmar and wants to affiliate with us. I don’t know what that means for sure, but I may have inadvertently launched Mosaic ministries in Myanmar!
Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 8.22.13 AM

So, I will be traveling to Myanmar September 15-27. Its going to be quite a trip. They have me scheduled to teach for 4 hours a day, do 2 hour services in homes in the evenings and preach in the Sunday morning service… all being translated from English to Burmese. I’m also planning to spend a couple days with Pastor James and the Mosaic Church of Myanmar (I’m starting to like the way that sounds).

In order to do this, I am going to need your help. Would you be willing to pray for me as I prepare and then go on this trip. I think it is an awesome opportunity, but quite a heavy responsibility. I need people praying that God would use me to strengthen His church in Myanmar. It is really important that those God has called will accurately and effectively teach his Word and lead His church.

Frankly, I also need your help with some of the costs of the trip. The church in Myanmar will be digging deep to take care of my expenses once I get there, but I need to come up with the $2000 its going to cost for airfare and misc expenses. Would you consider helping out?

Please let me know if you will be praying for me and this crazy trip. Please let me know if you will be able to help with some of the expenses of the trip. You can give online at or by sending a check to Mosaic Church 1445 Dayton Street Aurora, CO 80010. Make the check out to Mosaic Church so that you can properly claim the gift on your taxes.

Thank you so much!


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