Unexpected & Unanticipated

Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 8.22.13 AMThe Lord leads in unexpected ways and in unanticipated directions. The truth of that thought certainly has b
een confirmed to me the last few weeks. I am about to jump on a plane that will eventually take me to Yangon, Myanmar. That is a direction that I did not anticipate. I am eager to find ways that I (and others) could encourage and equip immigrant and refugee
pastors that are so dedicated and working so hard right here in our community… but “right here in our community” was what I anticipated.
On Sunday the 18th in Yangon, I will be preaching at Mosaic Church of Myanmar, assisting Pastor James baptize eight believers and getting to know the dozen or so kids in their orphanage. Tuesday through Saturday, I will be training pastors. I will be preaching at another church
n Sunday the 25th before heading home on Monday. Those are all activities that were no where on my radar screen 60 days ago.

Another unexpected thing is happening. Our church, people in the community and a number of friends of mine have affirmed this venture in ways that have surprised me. I let people know that I’d be going on this trip and there were some expenses that needed to be met, but I really expected to self fund some or much of the trip. But with very little arm twisting my trip is fully funded and I even have enough after the expenses to give a cash gift to the orphanage. It seems as though God has placed this trip and our ministry on people’s hearts in unexpected ways. I’m happy about that, but also a little bit surprised. It has prompted me to b
e especially sensitive to God’s leadings and open doors, because he seems to be “up to something”.

I will be sending (via email) and posting (on Facebook) some pictures and observation. Keep on praying… God’s at work!


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2 Responses to Unexpected & Unanticipated

  1. Katrina Vermilion says:

    We are praying for you.
    The Vermilions

  2. Pat Stephan says:

    How thrilling. We praise the Lord for the advancement of His Kingdom and men and women that are willing to go. May His blessing and protection go with you Reid!

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