img_1222It wasn’t what I was expecting. When I was invited to take a look at Paul’s Children’s Home, the orphanage that Pastor James is running in Yangon, Myanmar, I was expecting a stereotypical orphanage. Knowing that we were in a developing country, I was afraid that I’d see one of those cold, sterile places where kids sat with blank faces staring off into the distance.

That’s not at all what I saw. I saw a family… a big 15 child, three parent unconventional family. I saw happy, well adjusted kids that had experienced incredible tragedy in their young lives. I saw kids playing, going to school, doing homework, practicing music, interacting with each other and their “parents”. The most remarkable thing that I saw was that I was unable to distinguish between the “orphans” and Pastor James’ biological children. I saw a family.

I noticed another thing. The children were naturally learning about a God that really cared about them. They seemed to be accepting God’s blessing of a safe, loving environment and not focused on the injustices that brought them to that place. It was an incredible honor to baptize a couple of the older “former orphans”. I’m deciding to call them former orphans… they have been generously incorporated into a loving earthly family and as a result they have now been united with their Heavenly Father (it just doesn’t seem right to identify them as “orphans”).

I know those kids are being well taken care of, but I cannot figure out how Pastor James and his family is able to make it happen. As I was leaving the country and asking what I could do to help, James asked me to pray for income to sustain the Children’s Home. I tried not to make promises when I was there, but in that moment I made two. I promised that I would pray and tell the story of that amazing place where God is turning something so broken into something so stunningly beautiful. I also promised that I would be the first person to commit to partnering with Paul’s Children’s Home by contributing the $30 a month to support one of those “former orphans”. We are still figuring out just how to handle the logistics of properly accounting for and getting the money to Pastor James each month, but if you want to be a part of this miracle, please let me know.


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