Mt Carmel Style Prayer

It was an odd prayer time. “Frank” asked if I would unite my heart with him in prayer… silently. He wanted my prayer to somehow intersect with his self described “Native American prayer”. I asked him if there was something specific for which we’d be praying. In between his labored, oxygen aided breathing, his one word response was ”dying”. 

With tears beginning to form in his eyes, Frank grabbed my hands and we prayed. I don’t know what words or in what language or to what God/god Frank prayed. I prayed that my all powerful, always loving God that Frank had in some way chosen to encounter, would be present in that moment. I prayed that the one true God would penetrate our hearts, our souls, our minds and bring forgiveness, peace and hope. I prayed that because life or death could not separate us from the love of God, we’d choose to accept and follow Him and the realize the peace that only He brings. 

the_test_on_mount_carmel_elijah_1I don’t know if we were having a Mt Carmel (1 Kings 18) style prayer competition. But in that moment, I was completely confident that our God was able to more than handle the simultaneous, maybe even contrasting prayers. I don’t know when, where or if I will see Frank again. I do know that although there wasn’t any taunting of any lesser gods and I didn’t see any fire falling from heaven, just like on Mt Carmel the powerful Creator of the universe was at work and continues to be at work in all of our lives. I do know that my God loves Frank and will continue to be at work in his life.

Please join me in praying for Frank. Please pray for us at Mosaic as we strive to be the feet , hands and voice of Jesus in Original Aurora.

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