God is at work

God is at work in Aurora, Colorado!

At Mosaic, we have always had relationships with neighbors that are homeless. I have learned a bunch about life and God from folks who have very limited financial resources. There has been a number of times that I have challenged some of these friends to be a positive spiritual influence on their friends – I have gotten some good verbal responses, but not much more than that. Last week a Bible Study especially designed for the most economically challenged among us was launched! I am especially excited about the fact that I am not leading the study, it’s being led by a couple who really identifies with that culture. It’s another moment when we see God answering our prayers right before our eyes and in even more effective ways that we were smart enough to pray  for.

There are a couple more things going on that I am really excited about… things that should give us new and improved ministry opportunities.

I have always understood that our ideas and plans for ministry exceeded our local church’s financial resources. Living in a community with huge needs and small incomes makes it necessary for us to find additional revenue streams. We have a number of very generous supporters without which we would not be able to function as a church or serve in our community. For years we have been investigating and praying for ways to connect with Private Foundations and Government Grant agencies. Recently we have been connected with the right people and have three grants in the works. We don’t know yet if we will receive anything… please pray that God will “grant” us favor with the decision makers.


2. We are so grateful to God for providing us with a building. Very few new churches have a building and even fewer churches in communities plagued with poverty have buildings. One of the ways that God provided for us was to bring us into relationship with The Fields Foundation a non-profit group that we’ve partnered with in order to get the building. Recently they have approached us with a great opportunity… to buy more “shares” in the building partnership. Owning a greater percentage would put us fully in charge of the building (scheduling, usage, etc). We are so excited about the ways that our ministry would be enhanced and could be expanded. Please, please pray that God lead us in the process. 

As you would expect the great opportunity to buy a greater share of the building comes with a price tag. We are working with Wesleyan Investment Foundation to borrow the money we need for the purchase, but there are some additional costs that are really stretching us… there are appraisals, attorney fees and a couple of building maintenance issues that will cost us about $5000. And any additional that we could raise would help us with temporary cash flow or even reduce the amount that we will need to borrow (about $200,000).

Would you please pray about a special gift to Mosaic in the next couple of weeks? Thank you for your faithfulness and willingness to partner with us.

Reid Hettich, Pastor
Mosaic Church of Aurora
P.O. Box 6225
Aurora, CO 80045




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