Car Wash

car-wash-fundraiser1Sometimes God has to be a bit creative to get my attention.

I walked by car wash fundraiser taking place in the parking lot next to our building the Opportunity Center. I stopped and asked who they were and why they were raising money (yes, I am THAT neighbor). I spoke to a young woman named Africa (her real name) who told me they were raising money for poor kids in Chihuahua, Mexico where they had family connections. I was excited to tell her that I went to that same area a few months ago and that our church had a partnership with a local group that serves poor kids in that very same place. 

After exchanging information and expressing a desire to get together and see if there were ways that we could collaborate, I was struck by the irony of the situation. A Latina named Africa, raising money next door to us in Aurora, Colorado for kids that we have been supporting and praying for in Mexico.

When we just started this adventure, I felt compelled to name our church “Mosaic” reflecting our desire to work with and for all sorts of people and organizations so that God could put all of the pieces together making the broken become beautiful. God used Africa to remind me to stay on course.


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  1. Great post, Reid! (Yes, I am a bit behind, but saved it to read and am happy I did!)

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