a great door for effective work

“a great door for effective work has opened to me”  —1 Corinthians 16:9 


Mosaic Church Leaders

My first trip to Myanmar in 2016 was in response to an invitation to teach about 20 pastors at Gospel Baptist Seminary after I had expressed a prompting from God to support/encourage/train local pastors. I was a bit surprised because I expected that  to take place in Colorado not in Myanmar. My second trip was to support/encourage/train local about 15 pastors that had or were about to  identify with Mosaic Church of Myanmar… within two years six churches had been started and several more were being planned. 

During that last trip, I had the chance to meet with the key leader of The Wesleyan Churches in Myanmar. In the course of our conversation, Dr Morris Liana expressed the need for a Pastors and Church Leaders Conference that would support/encourage/train their 200 pastors and church leaders. We talked about incorporating the Mosaic Pastors into their Conference making a gathering of about 250. 


Dr Morris Liana

So, I will be going to Myanmar at the end of February to help lead this Conference that will support/encourage/train pastors and church leaders and will hopefully bring together a couple groups that really need each other. The Wesleyans could really use the passion and determination of the Mosaic Pastors and the Mosaic folks could really benefit from some the structure and organization of the Wesleyans. Bringing those groups together would also bring some people groups together that have been separated by language, culture and conflict for years. What a beautiful thing it could be to see groups that have sometimes fought each other to unite to bring the love of God to their country. Wouldn’t it be amazing to have the Church of Jesus Christ lead the way for reconciliation and unity in this long war torn Buddhist country?!

A couple of requests. First, would you pray that God would guide and bless this  effort? This really could be a big deal… a huge win for the country of Myanmar and for the Kingdom of God. Pray that the pastors and leaders would leave the conference refreshed and recommitted to their calling. Pray, too that miraculous healing and reconciliation would take place – something that only God could orchestrate.    

Second, would you pray and consider supporting this effort financially (you knew this was coming, didn’t you)? I committed to raise money for some of the expenses of the Conference, some travel money for Mosaic Pastors and my personal expenses. So in addition to the money we raise to regularly support the churches and orphanage in Myanmar, I will need to come up with about $5000 more in the next couple of months for the Conference. It would be great to have you a part of the response team as God has opened “a great door for effective work”.

You can mail contributions to me: Reid Hettich 1797 Geneva Street  Aurora, CO 80010 or make contributions online on the “give” tab on the Mosaic website: www.MosaicofAurora.com

Thank you!

Reid Hettich, Pastor


Mosaic Church of Aurora

1797 Geneva Street

Aurora, CO 80010


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