the last couple of months…


It’s been a busy last couple of months… I’ve traveled to Orlando (Wesleyan Pastors Gathering), Myanmar (USA-Myanmar Wesleyan Partnership Training), Orlando (Exponential Conference) and Gillette, WY (Rio De Dios) since the first of the year. I am glad to be home for a while.  

img_2083.jpegKaley, Mynamar: I got to participate in the training of about 200 Wesleyan pastors and church leaders. It was great to build relationships and to encourage that great bunch of leaders. While in the country, I also spent time with our Mosaic pastors and leaders. I met our latest church planter, Pastor Yow San (I love it that they don’t ask for permission, they just introduce me to their  latest Missionary Pastor). That is Mosaic’s seventh church plant in Mynamar in the


Mosaic Church of Myanmar Pastors

past 2.5 years. It’s pretty incredible what God is doing in that country with a rag-tag bunch of followers of Jesus that have little training or resources but an abundance of passion and commitment (kind of reminds me of the accounts in the book of Acts). Please join me in   praying for all of those church leaders in Mynamar.

Gillette, WY: A couple of months ago Pastor Carlos (a member of our pastoral team at Mosaic) told me that a Spanish language church in Gillette wanted to


Pastors Reid, Uriel, & Carlos

become a “Mosaic Church”. I have to admit, I tried to talk them out of it. Being 5.5 hours away, I wasn’t sure that we  could really help them in any meaningful way. But after consulting with a number of people smarter than me (not hard to find a group of those) and spending a good chunk of time in prayer, we made the trip to Gillette on March 17th and formed a partnership with them. Please pray that God will continue to bless and use this church in that community

Aurora, CO: In January we officially launched  “Burmese Mosaic Church of Aurora”. So


Pastor Moses Thang Hung’s Commissioning

after two years of starting Burmese language churches in Myanmar, we finally launched one in Aurora (I have been a bit embarrassed when they look to us for leadership and they have been so much more effective than we have). Please be praying for  Pastor Moses Thang Hung as he leads this important effort.

This journey certainly has been different than I expected when God interrupted my plans and directed me to Mosaic Church of Aurora six years ago. I thought that we would be establishing one congregation in Aurora, CO. I did not expect to have seven churches in Myanmar, one church in Wyoming, a Korean congregation launched in Highlands Ranch and English, Spanish and Burmese congregations in Aurora. We are rejoicing in what God has done but realize that we have so much more to do to help all of these congregations achieve their full God-given potential. Please pray for us.

As you’d assume, all of this takes a lot of time, energy, prayer and money. There is no way that we could have done any of this without faithful prayer and financial partners. I am so grateful for the prayers and gifts from hundreds of people over the years. I am asking again for your continued support. Please pray for us. Would you also please consider supporting us financially? It costs Mosaic to work with these churches in Myanmar and Wyoming. Our congregations in Colorado are not completely self sustaining financially. In order for us to continue this ministry we need to partner with generous people like you all around the country. Thank you for praying. Thank you for giving. 

You can mail checks to Mosaic Church 1797 Geneva Street Aurora, CO 80010 or give online at


Reid Hettich

1797 Geneva Street

Aurora, CO 80010


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