2019 — 2020

I have invested some time in reflecting on Mosaic  Church’s 2019 and the year ahead. God has been good to us! He has provided resources (financial and human) and has given us incredible opportunities to be is feet, hands and voice in our local community and around the world! I am amazed at God’s goodness and favor.

Let mention a few of the things that God has done in 2019. (1) God brought Pastor Elia Mendoza to our team. Pastor Mendoza is part of the Pastoral team in our Spanish Language congregation – she and her team have brought great enthusiasm and depth to our church. I’m excited about the ways that God is going to use her even more in 2020. (2) Mosaic River of God Church in Gillette, WY affiliated with us in 2019. We weren’t looking for this to happen, but are honored to provide a bit of accountability and support to Pastor Uriel Ramirez and this great group of believers. (3) Mosaic Churches in Myanmar continue to flourish. Under Pastor James Mana Hung’s leadership we now have eight Mosaic Church’s in Myanmar… some of them in dangerous and challenging places that few  Christians are willing to go.

Speaking of Pastor James Mana Hung… He is the National Director of Mosaic Churches in Myanmar (a title that I made up and confirmed on him a couple of years ago) and is in the United Sates for a few weeks. It has been great to introduce him to our congregation and others that have only heard my stories and saw blurry pictures of him. 

Introducing Pastor James Mana Hung to our congregation

At first I thought I hadn’t understood. James was telling me about a conversation that he and his brother (Pastor Moses) had with a man from Myanmar now living here in Aurora. The man is a Buddhist and said that although he knew of Christians and Christianity, no one had ever told him about Jesus. I asked for clarification and James repeated himself. Moses and James were the first person’s ever to tell this man about Jesus… no one in Myanmar, no one in the seven years he has lived in the US has ever talked to him about Jesus. 

I have mixed emotions. Shocked that someone in my community has never heard about the love and goodness and generosity of Jesus. Sad that someone I may have passed by on the street has never had the opportunity to experience the peace, hope and forgiveness that Jesus provided and freely offers. Grateful for my Mosaic colleagues, James and Moses who faithfully lived out their calling to spread the good news of Jesus. Disappointed that James had to travel half way around the world so that a man in my neighborhood could hear about a life changing, eternity altering relationship with Jesus. Even more determined to fulfill my calling to go and make disciples (of Jesus) of all nations. 

I am incredibly grateful for the support that you have given Mosaic over the past few years. Thank you for being a part of the team… we could not do any of this without the support and help of scores of people across the world.

Mosaic’s Pastoral Team: Carlos Calandreli, Reid Hettich, James Mana Hung, Jeanette Rodriguez, Elia Mendoza, Maria Calandreli, Ana Lilia Ramirez, Uriel Ramirez, Moses Thang Hung

We needed your help to do the things God is calling us to do in  2020. Would you prayerfully consider your role in making sure that people would know about Jesus? Would you please pray for us as we aggressively tell people about Jesus in Colorado, Mynamar, Mexico, Wyoming and the uttermost parts of the earth? Will you ask God to guide you in considering a special end of the year financial gift to Mosaic so that we can continue to do what God has called us to?

Thank you!

Reid Hettich

1797 Geneva Street . Aurora, CO 80010 . 303-870-6055

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